China Company Check

During your China Trade Fair visit, you will meet hundreds of suppliers. It's an excellent way to start your business with Chinese companies. But remember, in China, there are no limits for exhibitors, and this is a huge area for scam operators. You never know if the company you meet at a Trade Fair is an existing manufacturer or a small trading company or, in the worst case, doesn't even legally exist. We also noticed many scammers attending Trade Fairs as exhibitors and impersonating existing companies.

To avoid problems arising in cooperation with an unreliable supplier, you should always get your Credit Report about your Chinese Partner. offers fast online Credit Reports on any company in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. All information about any Chinese Company comes from official governmental databases. We not only provide a company's registration information but prepare a personalized Credit Report describing the company's characteristics and indicating potential threats.

With the service of, you can confirm the credibility of the potential business partner and cooperate with your Chinese counterpart safely.