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Trade fairs in China 2023 and 2024

There are more than two thousand trade fairs in China each year. Whether you already trade with China, import or export your goods, or want to start cooperating with a Chinese partner, China trade shows are the best place to start and find your potential business partner in China.

We present a complete list of Chinese Trade Fairs 2023 and a Calendar of China Exhibitions in 2024. Feel free to search the whole list by industry, date, city, or name. You can visit the famous Canton Fair held each year in Guangzhou (Canton), meet international companies at Shanghai trade fairs, see the newest technologies in Beijing, or find any trade fair in small, less-known cities across China. At every event, you will meet thousands of Chinese companies, ranging from small trade companies to big international brands.

We will also help you to verify each company from China. And if you cannot find them by yourself, we will help you find a potential business partner.

When you start the cooperation with the chosen supplier, we can prepare a sales contract that will protect your order. Moreover, our inspectors will visit the factory in China at every stage of the production to ensure that you will receive the product compliant with your requirements.

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