Canton Fair (China Import and Export Trade Fair)

Canton Fair is the largest and oldest Trade Fair in China. Held since 1957, located in the southern China City of Guangzhou, Canton Fair attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year from all over the World. Currently, the Cantonese Trade Fair is held twice a year: The spring edition takes place in late April and May and the autumn edition in October and November.

Edition Phase Date
Spring 2024 Electronics, lighting 15 – 19.04.2024
Consumer goods, ceramics 23 – 27.04.2024
Textiles, medical products 1 - 5.05.2024
Autumn 2023 Electronics, lighting 15 – 19.10.2023
Consumer goods, ceramics 23 – 27.10.2023
Textiles, medical products 31.10 – 4.11.2023

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Canton Fair is grouped thematically - each edition consists of three phases: the first is dedicated to electronics and lighting. The second phase is focused on consumer goods and the third on textiles and medical products. During the Canton Trade Fair, you can find manufacturers of any product - with those who have never been on a fair event of this magnitude, so you should prepare well. There are many challenges: a large exhibition area, crowds of visitors, transportation, cultural and language differences , so before you go to the fair try to get the support of professionals. Also remember to act carefully with companies you will meet at the fair – before entering any deeper relations, just get your Credit Report about each supplier.

Targi kantońskie

Dates of next Canton Fair:

1st PHASE15 – 19.10.2023
Electronics, household electrical appliances
Household Electrical Appliances
Consumer Electronics
Electronic and Electrical Products
Small Machinery
Large Machinery and Equipment
Construction Machinery
Lighting Equipment
Lighting Equipment
Hardware and Tools
Vehicles and Spare Parts
Spare Parts
Building Materials
Building and Decorative Materials
Chemical Products
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment
2nd PHASE23 – 27.10.2023
Consumer Home
Kitchenware & Tableware
General Ceramics
Household Items
Personal Care products
Decorations Goods
Art Ceramics
Glass Artware
Weaving, Rattan and Iron Products
Gardening Products
Stone/Iron Decoration, Outdoor Spa Equipment
Clocks, Watches and Optical Instruments
Gifts and Premiums
3rd PHASE31.10 – 4.11.2023
Textiles & Garments
Men and Women Clothing
Kids Wear
Fashion Accessories and Fittings
Leather goods, furs
Home Textiles
Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics
Carpets & Tapestries
Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, Recreation Products
Office Supplies
Cases and Bags
Sports, Travel and Recreation Products
Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products
Medical Devices, Disposables and Dressings

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