Payments in China


If you want to withdraw cash in China, ExamineChina recommends using the Revolut. application. It offers free international money transfers and free global expenses, always determined by the best interbank exchange rate. Everything is managed from the phone application. You have access to all transactions, deposit history, withdrawals, and payments. Revolut is the perfect solution to keep several currencies in different places.

Most ATMs in China respect Visa or Mastercard, however, a commission is charged when withdrawing cash. You should also be aware of the fact that additional fees may be charged for currency conversion.

Exchange of euro or dollars in banks in China is associated with a time-consuming process and requires the completion of appropriate forms. Currency exchange at the airport is usually at a very unfavorable rate.

In China, payments via WeChat or Alipay are mainly used. However, you need a Chinese bank account for this.

Revolut is ideal for people who plan a short-term trip to China, e.g. a trip to the trade fair. You do not need to set up an account with a Chinese bank and thus avoid additional fees associated with currency conversion.